Website in Week

From Layout to Launch with WordPress

Let's build your website in days and not months!

Together, we'll create your roadmap to launching of

your brand-new WordPress website in a week.



First things first, here is a preview of what you'll learn with Website in Week:

► Introduction to WordPress, and how to come up with with a master plan (SETUP)
► Lay out and document all the details the future web presence (PLAN)
► Gather all the tools necessary to make everything run smoothly (INSTALL)
► Dive into content creation and what it takes to drive traffic to a website (CREATE)
► Test, test and test until the web site is ready to go live (LAUNCH)
► Look into social media and how it can generate leads (SHARE)
► Create a schedule for all required backups & future updates (MAINTAIN)

"Shortly after signing up for Website in Week, I was able to see my brand-new website come to life. And best part, I designed it all by myself."

- Thuy N, Social Media Marketer


Preparation is the most important step. I will share details of the web software platforms that are useful for creating a professional website as efficiently as possible. Some of the topics covered are:

  • What is WordPress and its key features
  • Skills needed to launch a WordPress website
  • Available discounts to stay on budget


The SETUP stage is about finding the right tool for the job. I will share details of the web software platforms that are useful for creating a professional website as efficiently as possible. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Gather whatever necessary to create a WordPress website
  • What technologies & tools does WordPress require to run?
  • Sign up for reliable, secure, and affordable web hosting & domain.


As the saying goes — if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning is an essential part of building a website and will determine the success of your project. This module will explain how to plan your website in a way that ensures its success. It will go over:

  • Defining the purpose, goals and target audience for your website
  • Creating the structure that your website requires (sitemap & responsive design)
  • Defining a timeline & content strategy for the websites


This section of the course will provide you with step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the software you need for your website. This will include information on:

  • Where to obtain WordPress and how to install it
  • How to configure and secure a WordPress website
  • Must-have plugins, best themes & page builders in the market


The next stage will delve into the techniques that are used to create your WordPress website. It will will explain:

  • In depth look at the WordPress website creation process
  • How to create a wireframe, mockup & graphics for a website
  • Insights into creating & adding content to a WordPress website


Before the website launch, I will walk you through the entire website testing process. The part of course will explain how to perform WordPress website testing.

  • The website launch process from schedule to backup
  • How to test websites in different browsers & gadgets
  • Ways to monitor your website’s performance and speed


The last module in the course will take a closer look at marketing your WordPress website using social media marketing. We will explain:

  • Why social media is important tool for marketing your websites
  • Different ways to set up an effective presence on various social media platforms
  • How to incorporate social media functionality into your website (SM & newsletter)


Time to celebrate! By now you have completed all the step to launch your new website … congrats. But the “do-it-yourself” approach also requires some maintenance step post-launch along the way. So we'll cover

  • How to backup your website regularly
  • Best practice to keep your website up-to-date
  • Look at some of the future trends coming to WordPress


Now, you can go on an celebrate as you have successfully completed the course and are set to impress the world wide web with your new web presence with Website in Week.

Get started now!


Your Instructor


Anita M has been working as a professional designer in New York City for over 10 years, and more recently adapted a digital nomad lifestyle. Besides her educational background in design from School of Visual Arts in New York and Arts Management from New York University, she's recently discovered the growing demand in creative online education, which led her to create a collection of creative bootcamps & online courses. You can find more information about her upcoming courses and services at www.anitam.com.